This year I have the opportunity to be involved in the Springboard Trust Strategic Leadership for Principals Programme. This is well timed as we build on the work from our establishment year. The Establishment Board did a stellar job of liaising with the community and formulating the emerging vision and values for the school. This work was built on with stakeholders in 2018. Towards the end of the year, we created a strategic plan that will guide us through our first year of instruction. Based on people, place and purpose it provides pivotal steps and areas of focus for our first year.

Strategic Plan

When reviewing our vision we need to consider whether it is compelling and aspirational. Is it something that is uniquely Ararira and reflects what it is we wish for our learners in the future.

Mission: It starts with me! – designed to reflect learner agency and the part they play in the process.

Vision: To develop caring, curious and capable akonga so that they can enhance the world.

Values: Caring, curious and capable

Vision and Values

Our challenge is to reflect on our current vision and consider if it is fit for purpose. Is it our North Star, guiding us to the future of our learners?

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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