Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

Our site is on Southfield Drive, near the river walkway. Russ Drive will be continued to join Southfield Drive and the address of the school will be on Russ Drive.

What is the zone for the school?

This has been determined by the Ministry through consultation with the community and local schools. If you live in the home zone you have automatic entry into the school. Children do not have to start school until they turn 6 (this may be useful for those who turn 5 later this year). Zoning information can be found here. We can only enrol students residing in our zone.

What year groups are you starting with?

Ararira Springs is a full primary from Year 1 to Year 8, we will be accepting children from all year groups to join us next year.

When can we enrol?

Enrolments are open and the information is found on our enrolment page.

Will there be a uniform?

Our uniform has been developed by the Board and with input from the community.  The majority of the uniform will be purchased through Argyle; teal polos, navy shorts, skort or pants, navy soft shell jacket. Merino for Schools will provide merino cardigans and jumpers. Please follow this link to the uniform page for more information.

Who is building the school?

Southbase have been contracted to build the school, building is underway.

When is the school due to open?

We will be opening in 2019. We will hold our mihi whakatau on Feb 4th, followed by morning tea and a walk through. Senior students will stay for road patrol training. School starts for all students on Feb 5th. We run from 9-3pm, Monday – Friday.

Will there be a transition for new students?

Yes, we are hosting a number of sessions for different age groups across the remainder of the term. These include the chance to buy books from PaperPlus, meet the family sessions, transition events for age groups at Lincoln High School and a community BBQ. More details can be found on this blog post and we will email enrolled students.

Will there be onsite before and after school care?

Before and after school care will be provided by the Kelly Group and is called the Kelly Club. More information can be found on the page and soon there will be a direct link to enrol.

What are the planned facilities and will they be available after hours?

The build includes some playground features, hard surfaces and some landscaping. We envisage developing gardens outdoor play spaces as well. These facilities will be available for the community to use after hours and on weekends.

Will you be adopting cohort enrolments?

Cohort enrolments are batch entries at the beginning or half way through a term where children start at the date nearest their fifth birthday. We would not be adopting this under the current legislation. If this changes to children being able to start in the term after their 5th birthday then we may investigate.

What technology platforms are you adopting?

We are investigating options however, it is likely we will be an Apple school. We are in the process of developing our ICT strategy and how tools will be used. All decisions made will be in line with our developing vision, values and curriculum.

Will there be mixed age groups learning together?

Composite groupings will be a feature of learning. This is partially determined by the number of enrolments we receive and the ages and levels of the children enrolling. In an ideal world we anticipate this being no greater than a two year spread, however this may be dictated by number of children at each level.

What is your view of teacher only days?

Historically, the schools in the area work together on one teacher only day after Queens Birthday weekend. This is likely to be our only teacher only day and the bulk of our professional learning will happen at other times.

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