Learning with ICT


At Ararira Springs Primary we believe that ICT should be used as the best tool for the job and where possible to create rather than consume content. We want it to fit in with our values of being caring, curious and capable.


We will be providing devices for children to use but from Year three we welcome them bringing their own device.

We believe that using ICT and children bringing their own device assists learning. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is an established concept in which students bring their own device to school to assist their learning.

  • Quicker access to information found on the World Wide Web
  • Fading of 9 – 3 pm school day as devices and learning are taken home
  • Increased engagement from learners
  • File and information sharing between teachers and students
  • Collaboration through connected learning
  • Future-ready students
  • Personalised instruction through flipped classroom and individual access
    Increased communication between home and school.

Internet Safety

Keeping children safe online is something that needs to be considered both at school and at home. Our network is secure and we talk to chilldren about the process to follow should they come across objectionable material while working online. Usually this involves closing the screen and talking to a teaching immediately. 

Here are some tools should you wish to discuss internet safety at home.

  • Netsafe – this is the first stop for safe internet use in New Zealand
  • Netsafe Parent Toolkit – tools specific to keeping your child safe when online at home
  • Commonsense Media – a site reviewing films and movies
  • Kiddle – is a kids safe and friendly search engine (rather than google)
  • Be Internet Awesome – a site to work through with your child to increase their awareness and capability when online.

Preferred devices: iPad or MacBook

Minimum Requirements:

  • is able to be connected to the school’s Wi-Fi network.
  • has a web browser that can browse the world wide web including sites such as Gmail or Google Drive.
  • has a cover to mitigate potential damage.
  • can hold a charge till the end of the school day.
  • runs fast enough for a child to not feel frustrated when using it.
Preferred partners

Ararira Springs has partnered up with Cyclone computers and PB Tech.  Please feel free to check out other IT hardware retailers.

Please click here for Cyclone  – Password aspsbyod

Please click here for PB Tech

Key Information:

Children who have signed agreement from parents will be able to bring their digital device to school. We will have access to a technician to help us resolve any connectivity issues.

As devices are a tool for learning they will be used when appropriate. This will obviously vary depending on the type of learning taking place.

If your child is intending to bring either an Ipad or MacBook please fill the BYOD agreement form:

BYOD Agreement

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