Ararira Springs Primary – Te Puna o Ararira is now open for enrolment.

You can contact the office or start the process by completing our online enrolment form.


Enrolments Open

Ararira Springs Primary – Te Puna o Ararira is open for enrolments. If you are in our zone we would love to hear from you. Information about children coming to school greatly helps our planning so please complete the form to start the process today. Alternatively, you can contact Trine and make a time to pop in and complete a hard copy.

At Ararira Springs – Te Puna o Ararira, we will be starting our tamariki two times a term, rather than on a child’s fifth birthday. This will begin from Term 1, 2024. 

This means that tamariki will start school in cohorts (small groups) after they have turned five. There will be two entry points or start dates per term as set by the Ministry of Education:

  • one on the first day of term

  • one at a mid-point during a term.

Cohort entry dates for 2024 are as follows:

Term 1 – 31 January and 11 March, 2024

Term 2 – 29 April and Wednesday 05 June, 2024 (Monday is King’s Birthday and Tuesday is a Teacher Only Day)

Term 3 – 22 July and 26 August, 2024

Term 4 – 14 October and 18 November, 2024

Further start dates beyond 2024 can be found here

We will need copies of your birth certificate or passport, proof of address and your child’s immunisation certificate.

Our enrolment process:

  • Complete an online or paper enrolment form
  • Arrange a time with Trine to come and meet the team
  • Individual and family photos for our records, (to ensure we can put faces to the names)
  • Permission forms to be completed
  • Time spent with the Principal and leadership team.

Once you are in our system we can invite you to future events, these will include:

  • Transition times for your child with their teacher
  • Family events
  • Information for starting school 

So, why are you waiting? Enrol today, join us on the journey!

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