The Establishment Board has engaged with Argyle to provide a uniform to the school.


Argyle is now ready to accept orders. We have a full range of sizes for you to try in our office if required.

All items, except the jersey and cardigan, are ordered through the website and the woollen items are ordered through the Kindo shop.

Colours have been selected to fit with our cultural narrative of Te Puna o Ararira and represent the blues of water and the orange, the berry of the kahikatea tree.


  • Junior polo shirt for Years 0-6
  • Senior polo shirt for Years 7 and 8
  • Navy shell jacket with logo
  • Truefleece merino cardigan or jumper


  • Navy pleated skorts
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy long pants with reinforced knees


  • Comfortable and practical
  • Preferably blue, black or a neutral colour that complements the uniform
  • Sandals can be worn in the summer

Ararira Springs Primary School Brochure

Samples of all items can be seen at the office and we have sizes for you to try. 

Woollen Care

Washing advice for woollens

  1. Buy the correct size to avoid extra wear and tear on long cuffs
  2. Use a liquid, eco friendly wool wash product
  3. Avoid drying the garment in the sun.

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