School Carpark Expectations

Behaviours we want to see:

  • Park in designated car parks including on the road. Carparks have been designed and placed by qualified traffic engineers to optimize visibility for drivers.
  • Always stick to the 10km/hr speed limit. Children come and go from school for a variety of reasons at all times of the day.
  • Merge like a zip and let people in particularly at the carpark/kiss-and-go intersection near the exit. This significantly helps the flow of traffic through the carpark.
  • Keep moving forward in Kiss and Go as the space in front of you becomes available. This also significantly assists the flow of traffic through the carpark and stops the driveway from backing up
  • Be patient and if you’re in a hurry to get away to after-school activities consider parking on the street for a quick getaway
  • Let people into the queue of traffic – it costs you nothing, keeps everything moving and the carpark is empty in about 15 minutes anyway.
  • Be respectful of teachers and carpark wardens if they ask you to move on or up. It’s a thankless task already…
  • Remember that car parking on school grounds is a privilege, not a right. Many schools do not have on-site parking and we’re lucky that we do.
  • Remember that your children watch how you drive – you are their first teacher whether you intend to be or not…
  • Teach your children about being safe around all cars for example sticking to pedestrian paths wherever possible, using crossings, waiting for the car to stop before entering and exiting etc etc. It helps if you role model this for your children too!
  • Help your children remember to wear their hi-vis vest – even if they are not cycling or scooting – it helps other drivers see them.
  • Consider coming to school at 3:10 pm to pick up your child, the car park has space then.

Behaviours we do not want to see:

  • Double parking in the centre of the carpark. Children cannot be seen by drivers going around you and risk getting run over.
  • Parking on yellow lines on the road – it’s illegal but it also affects the visibility of other drivers.
  • Allowing your child to enter or exit your vehicle when it is NOT either parked in a designated park or stopped at Kiss and Go. Do not let your children get in the car when it is stopped at a pedestrian crossing or in the live traffic lane.
  • Using your mobile phones while driving – come on folks this one needs no further explanation.
  • Doing u-turns in front of the school. There are too many vehicles and children going in different directions to do this safely.
  • Doing more than the 10km speed limit.
  • Abusing or disrespecting staff and car parking wardens. They are trying to make the carpark work for everyone. Remember your children watch everything you do and say…
  • Do not leave your vehicle in Kiss and Go. You need to move forward as the space in front of you becomes available unless you have a remote car…..

If we continue to see poor driver behaviour in the carpark we will close it to everyone except staff. This will start with a 24-hour closure but may be extended if driving behaviour does not consistently improve.



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