Over the past few weeks, we have had the pleasure of working with teachers from the School for Young Writers. Teachers with a passion and love of literacy and writing are wonderful motivators for children learning to write well.

Here are some snippets of their work.

Julian the lazy eel
I love the rivers like eels do.
I’m as lazy as an eel
on a sunny afternoon.
I’m as fast as an eel
when playing hide and seek.
I like eating –
munch munch munch –
Julian Year 4

Climbing frame in my garden

The grass tickles underneath my feet. I can smell people climbing on my bars. The afternoon
sun makes the leaves on the fruit trees sparkle. I can feel the cold winter breeze on my
green metal ladder. I give fun to Edee, Maisie and Oli that climb on me and swing. I can
taste the mud that is smudged on me from children’s shoes.
Edee Y3

Cora loves to swoop and fly
I can fly above the lush green trees
in my dreams. I want to
swoop high
across the yellow kowhai trees
like fantails.
Cora Y3

Sophia the swimmer
I am very playful
like a dolphin.
I love swimming
in the ocean.
I am a fast free-styler and I
love the cold,
diving, jumping and
Sophia Y4

Coop’s Mug
as dark as a marker
as hard as a diamond
as secret a bunker,
I hold hot chocolate,
it’s really cosy
with a drink inside me
people put these pink things
on my rim and steal my drink –
gulp gulp gulp
It’s really annoying
but what’s really sad is when
they take me out
of my cupboard.
My favourite thing
Is when they clean me –
it’s like a water park.
Cooper Y4

Hail Caesar – Aryan Year 8

Phillipos strode past the columns of the Forum, casually flicking grapes into his mouth as he waited for the Princeps to make an announcement. He adjusted his toga and flattened his pitch-black hair.  Phillipos looked up as he heard the Town Crier announce the presence of the Princeps, Julius Caesar. Caesar walked out onto the stage covered in a fine tunic lined with gold threads.

“My people!” he boomed.  “The wicked have come to our borders and we drove them off, but now they corrupt inside our city!”

These words caused confusion through the crowd, What was the Princeps talking about?

The Princeps silenced all of these questions in his next statement. “The wicked plot against me! So they plot against our kingdom!” 

Phillipos joined the roar of disapproval coming from the crowd. Anyone that wants to kill the Princeps wants to kill the kingdom. 

The Princeps silenced the crowd with the wave of his hand and called out to all in his trusted council. “The Senate must assemble to destroy these wicked people”, he said before walking off the large balcony he had been addressing them from.


Phillipos rushed forward and pushed open the large double door.s He went straight to the Principia to see that he was late to the meeting, men already filled the benches of the Principia.

 “Sit down Phillipos” said the Princeps in a cold sneer. 

“Yes Princeps,” Philip said, sweating profusely. 

“So I have called you all here to talk about the possibility of an assassination attempt”.

 “It is very possible Caesar,” a man behind the Princep sneered and lifted a simple dagger with an iron hilt and iron blade from his boot. 

The Princeps covered the shock on his face. “You won’t get far on your own Brutus,” Caesar said. 

“What makes you think that I’m alone,” Brutus retorted. 

Sixty men got up from the benches and pulled knives from their boots. 

 Caesar frowned but the frown slowly melted into a smile. 

“ Oh Brutus you’re a little overexcited,” Caesar said while pulling out a beautiful dagger with strange markings on its blade. The rubies on the gold hilt shone and created a mesmerizing trick with the light.

Caesar twisted his wrist and plunged it between Brutus’s eyes. Brutus let out a blood-chilling scream. The conspirators roared in outrage. The Princep’s guards burst in, wearing elaborately designed armour. Caesar smiled as all sixty conspirators were executed in front of him.

Caesar turned to Phillipos, “You’re now my Royal Advisor we will rule this land and kill those who oppose us!” said Caesar with the air of talking to a large crowd. 

Phillipos bowed deeply and smiled, “Yes Caesar, all that oppose you will be punished.” 

Global Warming – Sophie Year 8

Tia looked around the house-sub. The metal walls creaked every time she moved but they kept the water out. The engine buzzed underneath as the floor vibrated. As she was looking around, Tia overheard two teenage girls.

“Hey look! It’s a jellyfish!” Ciara exclaimed. 

“Nah, just another plastic bag.” Maya replied.

Ciara sighed.

“I can’t believe 21st Century people did this!”

Tia narrowed her eyes. “”

Ciara and Maya looked at Tia.

“What are you doing here?” Ciara snapped. 

Tia pointed at the window. A shark was swimming towards the house-sub, with a trail of red behind it.

Maya’s eyes widened. “Shark!”

Ciara ran to the wheel. She pressed a button before a cloudy mist surrounded the sub.

“It’s harder to find us now, as long as we keep moving.”

“I’m sure”

Gaia Story ( Chapter 1) – Lucy M year 8

The bats swooped above Gaia’s head, making her cringe and crouch lower. Warm air from further down the rocky passage collided with the cooler air from outside, making it swirl through her hair. She squeezed her body back round and gave the signal to the others, a bright flash of light from her hands, lighting up the pitch-black cave. 

A few seconds later, Griffin appeared at her elbow. “This is a bad idea” he muttered to Gaia, quietly enough so that the others couldn’t hear. 

She ignored him and started crawling down the narrow corridor. Stalactites raked her back and stalagmites scraped her palms. The breeze from the end of the tunnel became stronger as she advanced through the cavern. Just as she was stopping to break a light blinded her and she noticed that the cave opened out ahead. She pushed on. They all scrambled through to the opening, where it widened and the ceiling got higher. They came across a blank wall. She looked around but it was as if the light was just… there. There was nothing glowing or shining, just a dim light. 

The others arrived. “This is it?” asked Spectral incredulously. “This is what we were looking…” she froze. “Do you feel that?”

“Feel what?” Asked Griffin, but Gaia had also felt something. “It’s magic.” She muttered. “This room is hiding something” 

Spectral put her hand in her hip bag and pulled out a staff that seemed to lengthen as she drew it out. Spectral started touching the walls with the staff closing her eyes as if she was listening to the rock itself. Recognising what she was doing Gaia joined her, placing her hand on a wall and concentrating hard. The others, three apprentices with almost no experience, opened their mouths, presumably to ask when the trip would be over but Griffin hushed them. A small circle glowed in the wall beneath Gaia’s hand. 


She nudged Spectral for her to open her eyes. Spectral glided over to the light and poked it twice with the end of her staff. Like a piece of paper from before The Fall, the wall crumbled. Beyond it was a small tunnel. A normal, well-fed person would have a lot of trouble squeezing through. However, they were all very thin after only having rations for years, and they slipped through it into the room beyond with ease.

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