Road Safety at Ararira

Road PatrolYou will have noticed that the roads and car park are much busier now that the school has grown. This requires us all to take action. If you are driving into the parking area please slow down. You need to be driving at a speed that should a child appear you can safely stop.

We encourage families to use the kiss and drop area, this is designed for you to pull into and let your child out. Please refrain from parking in this area at peak times.

If parking on the road please use the pedestrian crossing if it is in operation and avoid dashing across the road with your child. Our road patrollers do a wonderful job.


Children have been issued with a safety vest. These have been provided by the sponsorship of local groups. We would appreciate it if all children using active transport to and from school wear this in order to increase visibility. This is especially important in dull weather but we had a number of near-misses at the end of the year in bright conditions. Older children wearing their vests are great role models for those younger. We are investigating accessing backpack covers as an option for older children.

Many children are crossing using the islands on Southfield Drive or Russ Drive. Advice from the Police is to NOT stop and let children pass. This lulls children into the expectation that they have the right away and increases the likelihood of accidents. We are hoping to work with the police to have this supported by parent traffic wardens.

Finally, please refrain from using your cell phones when driving through the carpark. This area needs your utmost attention as children may pop out between cars. We have noticed that children are not always seatbelted. Please, please, keep your child restrained until your car is safely parked. This is one area of the school where you might be required to stop quickly.

Thanks for helping to keep our kids safe.


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