Life at Level 2

Regrettably, life at level 2 will continue for some time. It is possible that until the virus is controlled around the world we move up and down through levels. It is unsustainable for a staff member to man our sign-in station so moving forward our protocols will be;

  • Parents coming onsite need to use the COVID tracer app
    • This will be placed on all gates
  • If you do not have a phone, please sign in and sanitise at the station outside the office
  • Parents cannot go into classrooms at level 1
  • Children encouraged to use water bottles and personal stationery
  • Tables and touch surfaces are regularly cleaned
  • Trips and visits can go ahead with appropriate planning and adherence to MoH guidelines
  • All visitors MUST sign in at the office
  • Gatherings are limited to 100 when the site is used for events.

Thanks so much for continuing to be kind and understanding.

Be Kind

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