Earlier in the year we asked for feedback about homework or learning at home. This is an area of education that has certainly changed since we attended school. Research does not support learning at home whilst at primary school. It indicates a very minimal effect on long time outcomes for children. Here is a great link to further reading if you are interested. Ararira would prefer our children to be engaged in play and other pursuits when home from school. We know that learning happens through rich discussions, taking part in after school activities, play, helping at home and restful pursuits.

Home Learning Procedure (from Schooldocs)

At Ararira Springs Primary School – Te Puna O Ararira we do not set formal home learning. We encourage our students to be active outside school hours, and our parents to assist their children by:

  • encouraging reading for pleasure and information
  • listening to their children talk about things that interest them
  • giving them the opportunity to help at home, and
  • encouraging them in their interests.

We do expect that children will read daily at home. This may take a number of forms; listening and discussing text that is read to them, reading to their whānau or when able, reading independently.

Sometimes learning from school will overflow to home, if this is the case we ask the parents to support this learning and adapt the support where necessary. We know that learning happens all the time in a variety of settings. We would love parents to share learning at home with us via the child’s learning at home page on Hero. This might be the chance to celebrate achievements in sport or clubs, cooking, making, playing, creating, or children living our values.

Each hub will provide links to blogs that will provide insight and information on what is happening in the classroom. These are linked to the school’s website under the heading ‘learning’. Also linked under this heading are two other pages to support learning at home. ‘Learning at Home’ provides links to great websites if a family would like to do more at home. ‘Learning at Home Extras’ provides links to open-ended

Sharing Learning at Home with School

  1. Log on to your Hero Account
  2. Choose the child you wish to make the post for (if you have more than one)
  3. Click the Learning@Home button
  4. Start writing in the ‘share something’ box
  5. Drag and drop any photos you might have
  6. You can include links to videos or other places, e.g. blogs you have elsewhere

If you are unsure how to do this, please check in with your child’s ako teacher and they will work through the steps with you.

We look forward to reading the learning stories you share.


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