As you are aware, your child’s learning is shared through the digital platform of Hero. Over the term, teachers have been posting comments in our areas of caring, curious and capable. Most recently the comments have focussed on the capabilities of your child as a reader, writer and mathematician. These are accompanied by a dot on a graph to indicate where your child is working in relation to the curriculum.

Generally speaking at the end of the year, students in years 1 and 2 will be mostly working at level 1. Students at years 3 and 4 will be mostly working at level 2. Year 5 and 6 at level 3. Year 7 late level 3 and 8 at level 4. There will be some crossover between the levels. This is a way to inform you of how your child is doing with their learning. Please keep in mind, your child is only halfway through the year.

Your child’s curriculum level may not have moved over the last 2 terms. This does not mean they have not made significant progress. There is a lot of ‘ground’ to cover within the curriculum levels and we have an added complexity of factoring in different schools’ moderation practices. It is the comment and suggested learning steps that tell the best story.  Children learn and progress in their own unique way.

Please be assured that the door is open at any time for you to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning.



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