Māku e Whakatika!

drop of water

A drop of water, a single person, that’s where the learning and each journey begins at Ararira Springs Primary, ‘it starts with me!’ Every individual is capable of making the difference that they want to see in the world. Small actions contribute to big results.

This can be:

  • The principal making sure that teachers have the support and knowledge to lead effective learning.
  • Teachers getting to know learners and their families in order to create and design meaningful and engaging learning pathways.
  • Children empowered to make choices and build capability in their learning, knowing that if they have a problem they can be part of the solution.
  • Children having an increased role in their own learning and realising that learning never stops.
  • Parents knowing how to support their child at home and at school.

Everyone at our school is focused on developing caring, curious and capable learners so that they can enhance the world they live in.


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