Digital Safety

Digital technology is part of our lives and also part of our children’s world. Navigating this can be a challenge for parents, so earlier this term we had Sandra from Mana Ake run a workshop on Digital Safety in the home, which was well-received. 

I have included a summary of the main ideas along with tips for parents to help you find balance in your child’s digital world.  We will look to run a similar session again in 2020.

Digital tips for home

  • No phones/devices at dinner
  • Devices/phones in living areas – not bedrooms
  • Have a spot for devices/phones to be placed overnight (not in bedrooms)
  • Share in your child’s online world
  • Kids will make mistakes with media. Handle errors with empathy – turn this into a teachable moment.
  • Don’t use devices as the only way to help your child calm down  – use other ways too.

Questions to ponder…

  • Do you know who your children are with when they are online?
  • Do you know where your children are when they are online?
  • Do they share their passwords with you?
  • Do you know how much time your child is spending online? How much is too much?
  • Do you have a net nanny at home? – ‘what is seen can never be unseen’

Model what you expect from your child, if you do the following, what does it teach your children…

  • Checking your phone while talking with your child, listening to their reading, watching their sport or dance etc.  
  • Check your phone around the dinner table
  • Text or check your phone while driving
  • Taking your phone into your bedroom at night


Digital Safety video

Digital Detox Information

As with all digital technology, moderation is the key.  At Ararira Springs Primary, digital devices are used as a tool in learning and digital citizenship is discussed along with safe use of the online world, as part of our programmes.

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