Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

We are located at 18 Russ Drive, this is a road joining Southfield Drive to Liffey Springs. Our site is bordered by a beautiful walkway along the Ararira | LII.

What is the zone for the school?
This has been determined by the Ministry through consultation with the community and local schools. If you live in the home zone you have automatic entry into the school. Children do not have to start school until they turn 6 (this may be useful for those who turn 5 later this year). Zoning information can be found here. We can only enrol students residing in our zone.
When can we enrol?

You can enrol at any time using our online enrolment form. We appreciated pre-enrolment as it helps with our planning. Enrolment is finalised closer to the start date and requires proof of address that you are residing (or building) in our zone. All information is found on our enrolment page.

Do you have an uniform?

Our uniform has been developed by the Board and with input from the community.  The majority of the uniform is purchased through Argyle; teal polos, navy shorts, skort or pants, navy soft shell jacket. Cardigans and jumpers are purchased through the office. Please follow this link to the uniform page for more information.

How do you transition new students?

This is dependent on the age and needs of the child. Generally, when a 5-year-old starts school they have three visits of varying lengths of time. More can be arranged if needed. Our older children are welcome to come for some visits prior to starting. If they are starting in the new school year this would occur in the December prior and coincide with a time when all students meet their next year’s teacher.

Do you have onsite before and after school care?

Before and after school care is provided by the Kelly Group and is called the Kelly Club. More information and a link to Kelly club can be found here.

Are facilities available after hours?

We welcome you to discuss your needs with a member of the team and you can direct your enquiry to the school office,

Do you use cohort enrolments?

Cohort enrolments are batch entries at the beginning or halfway through a term where children start at the date nearest their fifth birthday. We will not be adopting this under the current legislation. If this changes to children being able to start in the term after their 5th birthday then we may investigate.

What technology platforms do you use?

We are an Apple school and supply iPads for children to use at school. Children are welcome to bring a device from Year 3 on and we encourage this to be an iPad or MacBook Air as this is what our team is most familiar with and it fits best with our ICT systems. Other devices can be used but troubleshooting may be problematic if it occurs.

Are there mixed age groups learning together?

Composite groupings are widely used at Ararira. This is partially determined by the number of children we have working at each year level but is supported by our beliefs about teaching and learning. In an ideal world, we anticipate this being no greater than a two-year spread, however, this may be dictated by the number of children at each level.

What is your view of teacher only days?

Historically, the schools in the area work together on one teacher only day after Queens Birthday weekend. Currently, the Teachers Collective allows eight teacher only days to be used between Aug 2019 and Aug 2022.

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