When we meet families joining us at Ararira Springs we talk about a parents role as the first teachers of their children and how we want to embrace the fact that learning happens anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

We wanted to provide the opportunity for you to capture that learning and share it with others and us. In Linc-Ed we have created a ‘Learning@Home’ page. This name might not be quite right but can be changed at any time. The essence remains the same.

This will be the perfect place to share the learning that might happen over the October break. You could use it as a place for you or your child to record holiday adventures. You could use it as a place to record future learning that happens at home, in the sporting arena, in the bush, on a mountain, or via the arts. Use it to celebrate your child reaching a milestone or goal.


  1. Log on to your Linc Ed Account
  2. Choose the child you wish to make the post for (if you have more than one)
  3. Click the Learning@Home button
  4. Start writing in the ‘share something’ box
  5. Drag and drop any photos you might have
  6. You can include links to video or other places, e.g. blogs you have elsewhere

Early next term we will run a couple of drop-in times where we can support you through this process if it isn’t as straightforward as we hope. You could bring a device and write a post as part of the session.

We look forward to reading the learning stories you share.

P.S. I have my children’s permission to use these images!


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